7 Best foods for better digestion

7 Best foods for better digestion

If you're trying to figure out how to lose weight, get rid of constipation or just looking for more ways to get the most nutrients out of your diet, here are some great options to consider.


1.) Apples have pectin which helps get rid of constipation, increase stool size and reduce inflammation in the colon.




2.) Oats have a high fiber content which helps with regular bowel movements. Oats also create healthy bacteria in your gut to save you from the unhealthy bacteria.




3.) Sauerkraut is loaded with probiotics that help break down the nutrients in your gut until they’re so small that digestion is a breeze.



chia seeds

4.) Chia seeds improve intestinal tissue health, create healthy gut bacteria and ease the symptoms of constipation.




5.) Broccoli has 5g of fiber per cup, and can alleviate issues with digestion by protecting your gut microbiome. Broccoli also reduces inflammation and is often considered a natural multivitamin.




6.) Beans, often referred to as 'the magical fruit', are loaded with fiber at approximately 20g per cup. They prevent constipation, are great for your heart and slow down digestion which aids with weight loss.




7.) Bananas, among many other important nutrients, contain carbohydrates that are easily broken down. They also help to moderate blood sugar levels and maintain blood pressure to sustain a healthy heart.





8.) Water. This isn't necessarily a food, but regularly drinking water actually aids digestion. One common rule is 8 glasses of 8 ounces per day, or 8×8, although this amount really depends on your size, your lifestyle and your genetics. If you exert more energy than the average person or exercise often, you should definitely increase your intake.

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