Feeling pretty? How collagen helps us all:

Feeling pretty? How collagen helps us all:

Surely your skin is perfect, fully free of scars and blemishes, radiant, smooth and well moisturized. For the rest of us, we may need a quick adjustment inside and out to get the movie star quality, healthy skin of our dreams.

As thousands of new beauty supplements smooth their way into our health markets, we become unsure about whether or not the products we’re using can deliver on their claims.

Today’s topic is collagen


Collagen is the protein that manages healthy joints and skin elasticity. Not only is it in your bones, muscles, and blood, it makes up 3/4 of your skin and a third of the protein in your body.

The older you become, the more your collagen depletes, the stretchiness of your skin begins to break down and your collagen is increasingly more difficult to produce. With all these issues, people turn to collagen supplements in powder, pill, capsule and liquid forms.

The benefits of collagen include the forming of denser, stronger bones, the ability to heal more rapidly, slow the aging process, hydrate skin, healthier, faster growing nails and thicker hair. Collagen has also been shown to increase muscle mass and reduce osteoarthritis pains.

In order to generate collagen, the body has to merge the amino acids glycine and proline with other amino acids such as vitamin C, copper and Zinc. If you’re not into supplements, rest assured that our body creates more collagen when you eat plenty of glycine-rich and proline-rich foods such as granola, quinoa, pasta, seeds, peanuts, beans, and bread to name a few. To enhance your levels of vitamin C, zinc, and copper, be sure to eat foods like citrus fruits, tomatoes, leafy greens, shellfish, nuts, and whole grains.

There are rarely, if ever, any reported side effects from collagen supplements. However, since there isn’t enough research on collagen usage it’s not recommended during pregnancy.





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