Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Therapy

We frequently compound medications in doses that are not commercially available, often for other uses than the higher dose manufactured products. For example, naltrexone is a drug that is commercially available only as 50 mg oral tablets which are used to help manage...

Therapies for Autism Spectrum Disorder – #7

Topical Anesthesia Topical anesthesia is often needed prior to infusions and injections or for suturing and wound cleaning. The ideal topical anesthetic provides complete anesthesia following a simple pain-free application, does not contain narcotics or controlled...

Therapies for Autism Spectrum Disorder – #6

Mitochondrial Dysfunction  Recent studies suggest children with autism spectrum disorders may have metabolic or mitochondrial dysfunction as opposed to metabolic disease. Mitochondria are the main energy-generating machinery in every cell. Nutritional supplementation...

Therapies for Autism Spectrum Disorder – #5

Detoxification (including chelation) Some children with autism may suffer from heavy metal toxicity, and may potentially benefit from therapies which support detoxification. Some may also benefit from chelation (removal of heavy metals). Oral DMSA (dimercaptosuccinic...

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