Therapies for Autism Spectrum Disorder – #4

Nutritional Therapy for Autism Most Children with autism have a need for increased amounts of vitamins, minerals, and some amino acids. Some detoxification agents may remove essential minerals, creating a need for additional minerals. Vitamin C, vitamin b6, vitamin A,...

Therapies for Autism Spectrum Disorder – #3

Therapy for Gut Dysbiosis Autistic children frequently have abnormalities in gut permeability, defects or deficiencies in intestinal enzymes, and/or abnormal intestinal flora. Yeast overgrowth can be prevented or treated by oral administration of Lactobacillus or...

Therapies for Autism Spectrum Disorder – #2

Gluten-Free and Casein-Free Preparations Children with autism may benefit from a gluten-free and casein-free diet. Gluten is a protein found in wheat and other grains such as rye, oats and barley. Casein is the main protein found in dairy products. Many commonly used...

Therapies for Autism Spectrum Disorder – #1

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects about 1 in every 88 children in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Autism is characterized by impairments in social relatedness and communication, repetitive behaviors,...

Therapies for Autism Spectrum Disorder – Introduction

Partell Pharmacy Autism Spectrum Disorder Therapies …   We welcome your questions and comments, experiences and stories. Autism has touched just about everyone’s life in some way. At Partell Pharmacy, we take therapy approaches to Autism that, according to...

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