How Can Partell Help You & Your Family?

We customize medications for people and their pets. Do you have an allergy or sensitivity and need a medication with the problem-causing additive, such as gluten, a dye, lactose or alcohol? Perhaps you are vegan and want a medication in a capsule that is made from a...

Dental Compounding – “Miracle Mouthwashes”

Dental Compounding – “Miracle Mouthwashes”  Compounded dental mouthwashes or rinses may offer numerous advantages over commercially available dosage forms. A customized solution can eliminate concerns of palatability, limit alcohol content, and eliminate dyes which...

Dental Compounding – Periodontal Therapy

Dental Compounding – Periodontal Therapy  Compounding allows various active ingredients to be incorporated into customized mouth rinses, gels, troches, etc. For example, to treat periodontal disease, antibacterial can be formulated as a non-staining rinse, and...

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