If unresponsive to treatment with decongestants and antibiotics, the cause of your chronic sinus congestion may be Allergic Fungal Sinusitis (AFS). Symptoms include blocked nasal passages, sinus pain, runny nose, and frequently pressure around the eyes. Systemic antifungal drugs have not been effective for treatment of AFS, primarily because the drugs are not secreted into the nasal secretion. Conventional treatment consists of sinus surgery, but AFS has a high rate of recurrence. At New York Presbyterian Hospital, a study showed that a compounded antifungal (fluconazole) nasal spray improved the disease and decreased swelling of the nasal passages, without significant side effects. A second study showd that treatment with topical fluconazole as either a nasal spray or an irrigation solution can significantly reduce the rate of recurrence of AFS after surgery. Ask our compounding pharmacist for more information.


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